April Meeting Notes

April Meeting Notes


Commander  Joe Leone,  1st Vice Cmdrs:  Frank Schmidt, 2nd Vice Cmdrs: Mike Glime, Finance Ofcr: Al Yancey,

Adjutant: Mike Grimm, Chaplain: Pat Farley, Service Officer: Mark Baldwin, Historian: Dan Goetz, Sgt at Arms:  Mark Rostagno

Goetz-St. Louis Post 522 Monthly NEWS NOTES


March 2021 Meeting of Post 522 was called to order by Commander Joe at 7:00pm on Wednesday 4/21/21.

Visitors Rob Lewein and Chris Vesche were welcomed.  Rob has just joined our ASL, and Chris is in process of transferring to us from Post 449 SAL. Chris’ father will be transferring to our post, as well as other family members to our SAL and ALA.

Roll Call taken.  First Vice Cmdr currently deployed on active duty, Service Officer and Historian not present

March minutes were read and approved.

Treasurers report from March is posted at the American Legion Post 522 for your review.

  Notes:  1) Building fund to accumulate funds for upcoming major repairs and possible building expansion.

              2) Value of Bar-related inventory at 3/31/21 is not reflected in these numbers 

Treasurers report for March was read and approved

Post 522 Commander’s Message:

As summer heats up and the virus is in decline, its time to visit Post 522.  On May 15 we have the hall dedication for Gib and Rosie Schmitt.  On May 30 there is a chicken dinner for our veterans and Post 522 families.  A Flag Retirement Ceremony is schedule for 5/31.  We also have 10 lb bags of Vidalia onions for $12 (Proceeds will go to Shriners for children’s’ hospitals). 

I hope you will have time to stop in and say “Hi”.  Thank you for your support.

Committee Reports:

No Service Officer Report

Membership:  1)  Membership is probably between 90 and 95.  National Legion website has been down all

                         month, so  official numbers not available.

                        2)  Platoon Leaders getting closer to implement.  Keith Reuter and 4 others have stepped

                         forward to volunteer as Platoon Leaders.

Building:    No new news

Kitchen:        Mike Glime set up a path for us to accumulate equipment  our Post at no charge.  Joe will

                        check on status while Mike is deployed.

Bowling Team:   Post team is getting competitive.

Scheduled Events:

Wed 5/5  Cinco de Mayo celebration at Legion Bar

Sat  5/15 Post Social and Hall Dedication to Post 522 founders, Gib and Rosie

         Schmitt Hall Dedication.  Hors d’oeuvres at 3, Program at 5, More food


Sat 5/29   Brat Fry

Sun 5/30  Chicken Dinner and Memorial Day Flag Retirement Ceremony; Members free

Mon 5/31  Memorial Day Flag Ceremony at the post  5PM

Sat 6/5     Brat Fry

Sat 6/12   Pig Roast

Sat 8/9     Brat Fry

Sat 8/14  25 Sportsmen Picnic (Post Closed)

Sat 8/21  Corn Roast

Sat 9/11  Oktoberfest at the Post

Sat 9/18  Golf Outing

Sun 11/7 or 11/14  TBD  Presentation by TimYauck on the story of WWII tank commander from

     Sheboygan who was killed in action, and spotlighted in the book Spearhead, by Adam Makos.

RE: Events;  Exec Board is working on a Food Truck and “sister” event for this fall.  Waiting for Cheryl McShane to provide tentative dates for truck availability

Discussed possibility of expanding our Oktoberfest to 3 days. It is possible to get permit to serve beer in Bark Lake Park.  Our decision will be based upon the number of volunteers we would need and could get from our post.

Old business:

Need a date from Carl so Joe can arrange training for Boy Scouts, relative to Memorial Day Cemetery  decorations.

Onion sale is now in process, in partnership with the Shriners.  Sign-up sheet is at the bar, or call any officer with your order.  A motion was made, seconded, and passed to donate any profits Post 522 may make from this sale back to the Shriners. 

Skipper Scholarship 2021 has been awarded to Katie Drinan, of Hartford Union High School.  Eleven wonderful young people applied for the scholarship this year.   Review committee was Craig Blawat, Kerri DeTroye (ALA), Steve DeTroye, JoAnn Schmidt (ALA) and new SAL member Adam Freund.  Thank you very much for your work on this. 

Jim Boden needs your in-uniform photos for our rolling video display.  There are a few up and running.  Drop off photos of yourself, as well as those of your close relatives in their military uniforms.  Please provide as pdf, if possible.  Otherwise we will scan photos you provide and return them to you.  PLEASE send those pics in today.

We have a team entered into Sporting Clays Shooting Event on Friday 5/7 at Wild Wings in Campbellsport.

Exec Board has considered your input from March meeting on charitable donations.  Post 522 will donate “a minimum of 10% per year of our net annual proceeds” to charitable causes.  In recent years, we have been contributing at a much greater percentage, and we fully intend to continue donating at a high level, but setting a minimum requirement is a good practice. 

Executive Board established a committee to write a job description for Bar Manager.

A proposal for an additional scholarship for Post 522 family members is in committee.  This will be presented to membership’s consideration when ready.

Constitution and By-Laws are in review for minor clean-up issues.  After review by Exec Board, any changes will be submitted for membership approval.

New Business:

BUBBA 2021 Golf Fund Raiser for Honor Flights will be held Sunday June 28 at Kettle Hills in  Richfield.

A motion was made and seconded that we again sponsor and pay for a foursome from Post 522.  In addition, that we sponsor a hole. Total cost to Post 522 is $450.  Motion passed.  Jerry Jilling of SAL will be asked to captain the team.  Let Jerry or any officers know if you want to play.

2021/2022 Officer Nominations

Following were nominated from the floor, and seconded and will appear a ballot at our May meeting.  NOTE:  additional nominations can be made from the floor at our May meeting. 

Commander                Joe Leone

First Vice                     Frank Schmidt (With understanding that Frank would resign upon Mike Glime’s

                                    return from current deployment.  The Commander at that time would consider                                                appointing Mike Glime to that position for balance of term).

Second Vice                Mark Rostagno

Sgt-at-Arms                 Keith Reuter

Chaplain                      Pat Farley

Historian                      Jim Boden

                                    Dan Goetz

For the good of the Legion:


Sick Call:  John Kleiss is recovering from open heart surgery in early March and is diligently working

                         on his rehab.

                   Gordon Helman is also working on rehab for recent leg surgery. 

                  Jody Giacoletto (ALA), wife of Steve is scheduled for surgery.  Please keep Jody and

                  Steve in your thoughts and prayers. 

Next Meetings are:      Wed  MAY 19  7PM

                                      Wed  JUN 16  7PM

            Meeting Adjourned

                                     SQUADRON 522

                          Commander:  Ryan Zittel

                                       Vice Commander:  Bill Schmitz

                                      Adjutant:  Jon Ferus

                                      Finance Officer: Al Yancey

                                                                        News Notes : 4/21/21

SAL Meeting opened with 10 members present

Al gave the Treasurer’s report is posted at the American Legion Post 522 for your review

Motion to accept report made by Terry, seconded by Joe. Passed.


There have been several new members added, as well as several renewals, but since the national membership website is not working, an exact number is not known at this time.

New Business:

Need volunteers for upcoming events:

            May 1 Germantown Little League field clean-up

                        9:00 am

                        Sign up in bar or see Mike Grimm

            May 30 Chicken Dinner

                        Start cooking at 9:00 am

                        Serve from 11:00 – 2:00

                        Cleanup afterwards

            June 12 Pig Roast

            August 21 Corn Roast

            September 11 Oktoberfest

A brief discussion was held about a long term event for a meatball festival

Nominations for upcoming elections are as follow:

Commander: John Mcshane Nominated by Joe Second by Bill

1st Vice Commander: Bill Schmitz Nominated by Joe Second by Terry

2nd Vice Commander: Ryan Zittel Nominated by Joe Second by Mike

Sergeant at Arms: Fred Schmitt Nominated by Joe Second by Terry

Joe & Bill both thanked Ryan for his work over the last year as Commander.

Joe made a motion to close nominations. Second by Bill

Elections to be held at next meeting.  Additional nominations from the floor can still be made at that meeting.

A discussion was held about the use of finances. We talked about looking into getting some more exterior lights for the building. A motion to this effect was made by Bill and seconded by Terry. Passed.

     NEXT SAL MEETING:   WED 5/19/21 at 6PM

             Meeting adjourned.